It is flexible enough to work on any kind of edges and contours along with flat surfaces. The set of seven pads consist grit size ranging from 50 to 3000 which is capable of getting that amazing shine.

Whenever polishing is considered,Guest Posting two things that occur to the mind is dry polishing and wet polishing. These two things have been like the two faces of a coin but have few differences among them. The dry polishing creates no watery mess but works at slow speed and on the other hand the wet polishing can be done ata relative higher speed. The granite polishing pads by STADEA are a relief for those who prefer dry as well as wet polishing but don’t wish to buy two different pads. These are a set of 7 pads which are 4 inch in size and aids both dry and wet polishing. There is an obvious variation in the speed due to their nature of supporting wet as well as dry polishing.

As it has been told that these polishing pads support wet polishing along with dry polishing and one thing that sets them apart from every other similar product is the absence of watery mess. It is quite amazing for the product which is available in the market at the price tag of $79.99 and supports dual polishing techniques. The pads are around 1.2 mm thick and are also provided with Velcro backing making sure that they don’t wobble when used at a higher speed. Now speaking of speed, the optimal working speed of these pads is 1800 rotations per minute concrete polishing machine hire which can be topped at 3000 rotations per minute. The diamond coating ensures durable product with long lasting life and aggressive cutting abilities.

The dry granite polishing pads set can be used for working on marble or granite as well as on glass, terrazzo and travertine. The mirror like finish can be easily obtained by adopting the right procedure. The process of getting ideal results is quite easy but requires proper attention and more or less a steady hand. The trick lies in the use of the grits, start from grit 50 and work your way up to 3000 but never skip any size.

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