This edge can be compromised to become squared in what creates a chamfer. Some like segregated edges which can be incorporated into the design with just a bit more effort and will not affect the flow.

The edge can also be rounded off or at a quarter round interest and drama can be added in the small details of the edge. The bull nose technique is another that is gaining popularity. This is where the top edge is more rounded than the bottom edge adding contrast and interest in the overall design. A full bull nose changes the edge to a beautiful half circle.

A beveled edge is a brilliant design that countertop installation has many fans. Top or bottom the beveled edge can be engraved and beautifully executed. That will cost extra but the smallest of details make all the difference in the overall design. Ogee is another popular method that homeowners sometime request. It has a medieval feel and look of Europe. This edge has a sweeping arch and the elegant edge is brought out in a dramatic way that is unforgettable.

You will also find the DuPont for your consideration. Its edge begins straight and then drops down to a curve. You may find you also like the cove edging. It’s a dipped bevel at the top of the edge with the bottom being straight out beveled.

The latest technology termed CNC makes it possible to now customize the edges to your exact specification. This new technology is driving the high price down of premium edging and making it more affordable for the average homeowner to consider. The amount of time it saves is tremendous as there is no longer a need to hand carve the edging. Your style will be wonderfully represented by the edging you choose and your kitchen will be the area you had hoped and dreamed of.

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