If you know me a little,Children Do Not Want Fairy Costume For Halloween Articles you already know that I am Belgian.In Belgium, we always celebrated All Saints Day and the Day of Deaths on 1st and 2nd of November instead of Halloween and I cannot say that they are subjects very funny to write about.

In Belgium also, the weather is always rainy, so, since I work in a school, children are often inside rather than outside and I always have to find an activity for them so that they are not bored.

This week I also had to find some Halloween subjects to write about.

So, I found the solution: instead of writing an article dedicated to Halloween and called “top 10 Halloween Kids Costumes” based on articles and information written by adults, I asked the children what are the Halloween costumes they would like to dress on October 31st.

I must acknowledge that I was terribly disappointed. When I was a child, I adored being dressed up as a princess, baroness, White-Snow, etc. For Carnival, the boys were all dressed like Robin Hood, The prince of Arabian Nights, cow-boy, indian, musketeers…

But what kind of costume do the 2007 children like?

I asked the children at school what kind of costume they want to dress for Halloween. The answers were diversified even though they did not have much of magical touch.

“What kind of Halloween costume would you like for Halloween, Sylvie?”

“Scream’s costume including the mask of course, Madame Domi!”

She is only 10 years old! I thought that her answer would be a Cinderella or Esmeralda costume. It was not! She wanted to dress the Scream’s murderer costume. Why? Because Scream was the most interesting movie she saw!

Anaïs answer was the following one: “I want to dress a rich witch costume, with a pointy hat, a black wig, a large hooked nose with a big button on it, long nails like claws and pointed shoes”.

Agon hesitated between the Devil’s costume: the same as in the bible, with a tail, a fork, horns… or a pirate costume.” As Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?” I asked to him. “No, sometimes pirates are skeletons and I want to be a skeleton-ghost-pirate.”

Another one answered:”I want to dress the Monster Mash costume, Madame”.

The kid probably heard talking about the Monster Mash when he watched The Simpsons’ Halloween show. I love the Monster Mash song but never saw the Monster Mash in person and I do not think that someone saw this monster and knows what kind of costume he dresses.

The youngest children interviewed halloween bar ideas want to dress a Superman or a Batman costume.

My greatest surprise was Cynthia’s answer, who we call Brutus because she is not a delicate young girl. Cynthia wants to dress a princess costume.

So, the top 5 Children Halloween Costumes are:

Scream’s murderer costume,
Witch Costume,
The Devil’s costume,
Pirate costume,
Spiderman or Batman costume.

I will interview my +40 years old friends on what they would like to dress as Halloween costumes! I think I will be surprised!

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