Mobile apps provide a great way to play classic card games with friends and make new connections with players worldwide. Solitaire requires no introduction as the most popular classic card game around. The solo game of strategically exposing and stacking cards has been played on computers for decades. Mobile versions allow you to enjoy solitaire from anywhere. The Microsoft Solitaire Collection app offers Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and more solo card game variations. You sync progress across devices, get daily challenges, compete on leaderboards, and unlock achievements. The beautifully designed Card Game Solitaire also provides plenty of game mode options and extensive customization abilities for the look and feel.


The classic trick-taking game Hearts gets a digital makeover with apps made for online play. The card game app Social Hearts lets you challenge players worldwide in both ranked and social play, with in-game chat features for you to interact. Stats, leaderboards, and weekly tournaments round out the competitive experience. On the more casual side, the app Best Hearts has a focus on gameplay customization, so you tweak the rules and options to your preference. Animated themes and player avatars bring the app to life.


Spades is a popular ไพ่ออนไลน์ for partnerships, making it a natural fit for online play. The app Spades Royal is a top option, with various game modes including 2v2 with a partner, four-player, and solo against AI opponents. Get matched with players at your skill level or create private games and invite friends. Progress through the ranks to becoming a Spades Royal Master. Chat features and customizable avatars help make the social experience engaging.

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy has been enjoyed for generations as a great two-player card game. Take the competition online against friends or others with Gin Rummy Stars, which recreates the game’s strategic melding experience. Turn-based play allows you to compete at your own pace. Tracking stats like speed of play, low hands, and knocks percentage helps you improve your standing on the leaderboards. Customizable avatars and table themes allow you to personalize the experience.


The complex yet engaging trick-taking game Bridge goes digital with apps that connect you with fellow enthusiasts. Bridge players will delight in the realistic gameplay of Let’s Play Bridge, which recreates the four-player partnership experience. Bid and play hands in real-time with either your partner or get matched up with other singles looking for a game. Stat tracking and competitive rankings make the app a go-to for regular play.


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